This Is
My Story

It all started with the hunt
for the perfect beach bag.

While planning our honeymoon, I went through all the necessary
steps to prepare for my trip. After going through my checklist and
purchasing all the essentials, I couldn’t find the one thing I needed
most - A BEACH BAG!

After spending all that time looking for the perfect beach bag and
finding myself unsatisfied, I realized something had to be done! How
could there not be a company that specialized and focused on
producing stylish and practical beach bags?

With my background in textile design and fine jewelry
manufacturing, I felt ready to jump right into the process and was
determined to change things. After months of researching,
designing, sourcing, and prototyping, we finally developed a bag
that has it all.

My vision was to create a bag that everyone wants, but no one can
find. A bag that’s functional, stylish, and made out of sustainable
materials. A bag that’s comfortable to hold, easy to clean and keeps
everything safe throughout the day..

The hunt is finally over – it’s in the bag.

Interested in carrying our bags?